*UPDATED* Madden 21 The Yard: Big reveal coming soon – backyard football, NFL Street, news, updates & more

Madden 21 has released all of the player ratings, but news had also leaked of a new game mode for this year.

Now EA has confirmed the mode and given us a few details to sink our teeth into.

Welcome to The Yard.

Latest news – big reveals coming soon

We are expecting EA to announce big reveals for The Yard on 13 August.

This date was quoted by EA in their Madden Mobile Yard announcement, so get ready!

What is The Yard?

Six vs six backyard football – The Yard looks like Madden’s version of FIFA’s VOLTA.

THE ORIGINAL NEWS: This Beta shot leaked, giving us a hint at the game mode

Gamers can play solo, online co-op vs the CPU, and even in online head-to-head in teams of one, two, or three players.

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“We wanted to create a new way for players to express themselves and take on small-sided football in an arcade-style experience that’s completely new to Madden,” said Seann Graddy, Executive Producer of Madden NFL 21.

“The Yard is fast, thrilling, and most importantly fun. Players will delve into all-new gameplay on mobile and on consoles that will bring to life the backyard football that NFL players and fans grew up loving, where the rules are relaxed, and you can win with attitude.”

NFL Street returns?

NFL Street, the ultra-arcade game that last released in 2006. It had a big following and the original in 2004 got strong reviews.

While The Yard sounds similar, it doesn’t appear to be as wild and arcadey as NFL Street was.

Think VOLTA, but NFL!

UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE: NFL Street was football, but not as you know it

House Rules are the name of the game and creativity after the snap is where The Yard’s all-new gameplay takes full effect. We’ve seen House Rules play out in Ultimate Team during Madden 20 and they are always fun.

New animations lead to momentum-shifting moments, where players can run up the score with extended play combinations. In the Gillette Style Zone, players will be able to customize their avatar, including facial hair, hairstyle, and more, to express their individuality.

MOBILE MAYHEM: You can connect your mobile & console accounts for seamless access

Visiting the Gear Store allows players to outfit their avatar in fresh looks, with exclusive new gear drops planned all season long. Players will also develop their own playstyle as they rack up wins in The Yard, all while earning experience points, rewards and competing in new field locations with unique vibes and varied rule sets.

Connect to Madden Mobile

The Yard: Underground is now available on Madden NFL 21 Mobile, and you can start earning rewards for Madden 21 with it!

Just make sure you use the same EA account for the Mobile game as you do on console or PC!

Players can connect their accounts and access their one-of-a-kind avatar, gear, in-game currency, and Madden Rank via a shared inventory system in The Yard: Underground on mobile and The Yard all year long.

Response to 2K?

EA may have extended their rights to exclusively develop sim football games, but they lost overall exclusivity.

2K will be developing a non-sim NFL game for 2021, and that may be the precipitating event for EA developing The Yard.

CAN’T TOUCH THIS: EA is looking to make Madden the unassailable NFL king

After so long alone in the NFL gaming space, EA can’t be happy to have a competitor separated simply by the vague “non-sim” term.

It looks like a football war is heating up, and that can only be good for players.

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