A New Challenge In Fortnite Season 7: Week 4’s Challenge

Season 7’s previous update included intergalactic creatures and a lot of travelling for the Fortnite test players, but this Thursday, an even better challenge has been released by the creators. The new challenge will test the players’ abilities and skills and the goal is for the developers of the game to adapt all these different styles of the test players into the new quests of Season 7.

A new twist in Season 7

It appears that Epic Games has set to differentiate Fortnite’s Season 6 from Season 7. If in Season 6, players had timed Epic challenges with one type of action that needed to be completed in one week , it seems that Season 7 is here to challenge fans even more. Each Epic or Legendary challenge is different and it can include many types of activities from scavenger hunts to finding places or placing sings.

This week’s Epic challenges and Legendary challenges have been leaked

Some of the challenges include: Deal damage near an Abductor (test players need to repeat the quest 1000 times) – 30,000 XP; hunt for an infected animal (test players need to perform this quest only once) – 30,000 XP; travelling in a Saucer (to be repeated 1000 times) – 30,000 XP; Experience low gravity with Alien Nanites (or on the Mothership – only once); destroy hiding places ( quest to be repeated three times) and destroy objects at Retail Row, Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, or Holly Hatchery (action to be performed five times) – 30,000 XP; also abduct an opponent ( action to be peformed once ) – 30,000 XP.

Fans are already thinking about Season 8

Although Season 7 has weekly updates, Fortnite fans are already thinking about the next season, but they will have to earn first at least 300,000 Xp for this Season by completing all types of challenges, including Epic and Legendary ones.

Lucia I. Turner
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