Madden 21 Ratings: Top 5 Fastest QBs REVEALED – Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray & more

The QB position has evolved a lot in the NFL over the last decade, and it shows in Madden 21. Many of the top young superstars in the game today are able to turn on the jets to beat defenses.

We now know which QBs will be the fastest coming into Madden 21, so let’s break down the list.

Lamar Jackson – 96 Speed

THE JETS: Lamar Jackson can really kick it into high gear with 96 Speed in Madden 21

There was never any doubt Lamar Jackson would top the charts when it comes to QB speed.

The generational athlete is a one-of-a-kind dynamic threat for the Baltimore Ravens offense, putting just as much pressure on with his speed as his throwing abilities.

You’ll see plenty of Jackson online, so be ready to take on his 96 Speed this year.

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Kyler Murray – 91 Speed

STRETCH: Murray is the kind of player to reach the pylons when the pressure’s on

Kyler Murray is a huge piece to the Arizona Cardinals puzzle, helping rebuild the franchise from a perennial underachiever to a threat again.

A lot of Murray’s offensive threat comes from his ability to get down the field when coverage is too thick.

This keeps defenses honest, and opens up the rest of the Cardinals offense to overperform. With this in mind, Murray certainly earns his spot on the list.

Taysom Hill – 90 Speed

2021 will be a huge year for Taysom Hill. He’s coming off of signing a huge contract that arguably outpaces his production for the New Orleans Saints so far.

Fans will be looking for him to step up his role on the team, and a lot of this will come from his ability to outpace defenders.

Marcus Mariota – 88 Speed

Marcus Mariota has a lot to prove in 2021, stepping up as the new face of the newly minted Las Vegas Raiders franchise after some success with the Tennessee Titans.

FACE OF THE FRANCHISE: Marcus Mariota isn’t quite there yet, but the bright lights aren’t far

While he’s not one of the top of the league QB talents in any traditional sense, his speed is still a killer, and it’ll show in Madden 21 with his 88 Speed rating.

Tyrod Taylor – 87 Speed

Most fans won’t think of Tyrod Taylor as a significant offensive threat in comparison to the other talents in the NFL, and even the other talents on the Los Angeles Chargers.

But while he lacks the traditional QB presence, he makes up for it in raw speed.

You probably won’t see much of Tyrod Taylor in Madden 21, but when you do, you’ll need to be ready for the third gear he can reach running the ball.

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