NBA 2K21: Patch 1.03 Preview – Gameplay Update, Fadeaways, Anklebreakers & more

The next update for NBA 2K21, patch 1.03, will bring some important gameplay changes.

While we don’t have a patch notes just yet, we have some insight into what’s coming.

Here’s everything you should know about NBA 2K21 patch 1.03.

Confirmed Changes

While we don’t have Patch 1.03 notes just yet, we have a good idea of some of the changes that will be coming thanks to developer insights.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Gameplay Director Mike Wang gave us a taste of what’s coming in Patch 1.03

NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang revealed that fadeaways would be getting nerfed in NBA 2K21 Patch 1.03, and that the full fix for anklebreakers is coming as well.

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These will shore up two of the more annoying issues with NBA 2K21 gameplay, and stop players from abusing them online.

Patch 1.03 Predictions

While these two gameplay changes are more than enough reason to drop a patch, there are some more changes we could see in Patch 1.03.

TESTING GROUND: Take gameplay changes right to The Park to see them in action

Along with general bug fixes, and some more ratings adjustments, some gameplay tweaks could be worth trying out.

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For starters, players are still having issues with 3-point shooting. It seems the chance to make 3-pointers doesn’t scale linearly with rating, so there are huge swings at specific attribute points (according to some research, 85 seems to be the most massive increase).

THE COMMUNITY SPEAKS: Are Park moves on the outs in NBA 2K21?

There is also discussion around Park dribble moves, and whether they should still exist in their current form (often being activated accidentally).

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