Red Dead Redemption 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Many More Latest Updates !!!

The Red Dead Redemption series may follow the Van der Linde gang’s experiences, but it provides minimal context as to how the team had been formed along with the backstory of its ringleader Deadly Van der Linde. That is why future installments in the franchise, such as a Red Dead Redemption 3, should focus mostly on Dutch’s narrative.

The original Red Dead Redemptionenables gamers to step into the shoes of John Marston as he is tasked with hunting down several of his old gang members. The next match, Red Dead Redemption two, functions as a prequel by providing context concerning the events that resulted in the gang’s break-up through the eyes of brand new string protagonist Arthur Morgan.

But, as of today, none of the Red Dead Redemption matches have correctly explored the way the Van der Lindes was set up in the first location. Dutch needed a blueprint for picking out gang members. Many of those members-only came to be partners as soon as they tried robbing or conning the Dutch first. However, this still does not address how the ringleader went out of being feared and admired to delusion and inconsistent.

Dutch Should Be RDR3’S Main Character

A third installment could look at how Dutch recognized the gang alongside Hosea Matthews, besides exploring what he was up to before becoming the notorious team leader. It must clarify how Dutch began out as magical and convincing, but as time progressed, he became increasingly delusional and unpredictable, particularly before the gang disbanded. A third installment would also offer a chance to bring back beloved characters from previous games, like John or Arthur Morgan, and research how they became connected with all the gang in the first place. Both John and Arthur were teens when the Dutch picked them up. Therefore younger versions of these could be brought back to provide more insight in their stories.

It is not just a third installment in the franchise that could supply more backstory about how the gang formed; another reason to look at the gang’s background is that there is not much to use moving forward. The majority of the prominent gang members have been dead by the end of both Red Dead Redemption games, including Dutch, Arthur, and John. Therefore any new installations would probably have to integrate new characters if it isn’t likely to act as a prequel. What’s more, the wild west has been drastically changing at the turn of the 20th century, so the show would have better luck sticking to a western motif if it moved back in time instead of forward. RDR2 set a precedent by acting as a prequel to the first game, so it would not feel out of place if a third party game went back earlier to function as a prequel to the prequel.

You will find an assortment of powerful reasons why a Red Dead Redemption 3 should focus on the starts of the Van der Lindes, but given how long it takes to develop Rockstar’s matches and nothing was confirmed about a brand new installment, players will only have to sit tight.

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